How to Make Sure Your Solar Panels are Working

Are my Solar Panels working?

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Date: March 14, 2023

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Being able to tell if your solar panels are working is one of the most important parts of having a solar power system. When you have a solar power system installed, the IES Texas Solar team is there from start to finish and beyond. Our team will make sure you have everything you need to monitor the health and efficiency of your system. After all, you want to be able to tell how much power your solar power system is generating! Knowing this also lets you know how much money you’re saving and how much energy you’re storing in backup batteries. Your IES Texas Solar team will show you exactly what you need to look for to get your system to work for you.  

In this article, we’re going to go over how you can tell if your solar panels are working properly. 

Use the IES Power Plus App to See if Your Panels are Working Properly 

The Power Plus App is an incredibly useful tool you can use to monitor your solar power system. Designed and monitored by the IES Texas Solar Design Team, the Power Plus App is based on feedback that the team received from their clients. This means that if you want to make sure that your solar panels are all functioning properly, you can use the app to check on them. With the IES Power Plus App, you can check the power production of your solar power system in real time.

IES Energy Solutions Power + App

Check out Your Electric Bill

After your solar power system is activated, you will begin to see changes on your electric bill. Your electric bills should be lower than they were when you only relied on the utility company for power. Many Texans that have made the switch to a solar power system have received significantly smaller electric bills. If your bill indicates higher electricity usage from your utility provider, then there may be an issue with your solar panels. 

If you need to submit a service request, you can go into the Power Plus App and submit a service ticket. IES Texas Solar has a team that monitors the service and warranty needs in all situations. 

Take a Look at Your Electric Meter

Checking your electric meter is another method you can use to figure out if your panels are working properly. Wait for a sunny day and check your electric meter. Your electric meter shouldn’t show that you’re pulling power from the Texas power grid if your solar panels are providing most of your electricity. Some installations are equipped with a solar meter. This meter measures the amount of power your solar panels have created. 

Call the Professionals at IES Texas Solar

The most reliable way that you can tell if your solar panels are working or experiencing issues is to call the experts at IES Texas Solar. While there are other ways that you could check the power output of your panels, calling the professionals is always the best course of action. Our customer experience team will call and check in with you.  

Reasons why Your Panels May Not be Working Properly

There is an inverter issue that is keeping them from working as well as they should

Each of your panels has its own inverter that it needs in order to function. If one of your panels experiences an issue with its inverter, then that could cause it to stop working. Luckily, many of IES Texas Solar’s panels have their own inverters. This means that your other panels will still work if one of the panels has inverter issues. The downside of course is that you won’t be producing as much power as you should be until the inverter is fixed. By using some of the methods described above, you can figure out if the inverters on your solar panels are having problems generating power. This is especially true when it comes to the Power Plus App.

Debris might have damaged it during a severe storm

While incredibly rare, extreme storms like tornadoes and torrential rain storms could lead to heavy debris being thrown onto your solar panels. In most cases only the heaviest debris can damage a solar panel. Most solar panels are made out of a tempered glass that stands up to even the harshest hail. 

The type of objects that have the ability to harm a solar panel would have to be something like an actual tree or other very large and heavy object. Even then, solar panels are exceptionally sturdy and reliable. Even a hurricane couldn’t knock out solar generated power for a town in Florida that built a massive solar array, but some of the panels still needed some maintenance afterwards. When it comes to damages like these, it’s always best to talk to your insurance company to see if your policy covers this.

Lightning may have struck the panel or there was a power surge keeping them from working correctly

Though it’s very rare, there have been instances where lightning has struck a solar panel. A lightning strike can cause significant damage to the area that it hits. Luckily, in many cases where this has happened a different part of the machine will take the damage for the system. A great example of this is described in our article on Enphase IQ-10 microinverter installations with IES Texas Solar PV Design Engineer Kevin Marceski. For context, the solar panels installed by IES Texas Solar all have their own individual microinverters rather than a single inverter that all the panels depend on. That way, if one goes down, all the others are still producing power.

IES Texas Solar accounts for power surges and lightning strikes in the design process. Surge protectors and lightning arresters are installed if needed. These protect you against events like sudden lightning strikes or power surges. These are especially useful if you have backup batteries.

Moisture damage can cause electrical issues with your solar panels

While it isn’t terribly common with rooftops themselves, there are several things that can cause moisture damage and affect your solar array’s electrical systems. Burst pipes and water leaks from parts of your roof could be responsible for moisture damage.  

No Matter What’s Going on With Your Solar Panels, IES Texas Solar is Here to Help

IES Texas Solar is here for any and all issues you might be experiencing with your solar power system. Whether they’ve been damaged by lightning, are experiencing inverter issues, or just don’t seem to be working right, the experts have you covered. If you’ve noticed a drop in the performance of your solar panels or have any questions about your system, reach out to your solar consultants today!

We have made it our mission to be a source of truth in renewable energy. Our team believes that accurate solar and backup power education is the foundation for making the best decision when choosing a system that fits your needs.

If you are considering installing a backup generator or switching to solar for your home or business, reach out to us by going to our website,, or by giving us a call at (855) 447-6527.

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