Five Surprisingly Useful Questions to ask Yourself When Going Solar

Five Surprisingly Useful Questions to ask Yourself When Going Solar

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Date: February 16, 2023

Research and Questions Matter when Purchasing Solar

What questions should you ask yourself before going solar? While Texans are eager to install solar power systems, there are several questions to ask yourself and your solar consultant when considering a solar power system. You need to make sure that you are ready to install your sustainable solar powered energy solution. In this article, we cover several questions to ask yourself so that when you do make the decision to invest in solar, you get the most out of the perfect system for you.

Are You Planning on Moving Soon? Questions to ask Yourself

A very important question to ask yourself is if you are moving any time soon. When it comes to moving, there are two things to consider with a potential solar power system. Both depend on whether you are staying in the home or moving soon. 

Planning on moving in the next six months to a year: If you plan on moving in the next six months to a year, you may want to hold off on installing a solar power system. Switching to solar is a long-term investment that gives you a wide range of benefits over time. You can start saving money on electric bills quickly, but that’s just one of the benefits of solar power. If you spend the money to install your solar power system, then when you move you won’t get to benefit from the tax incentives of owning one.

Additionally, the process of switching to solar can take months at a time. On top of that, whoever you are able to sell your home to with the solar power system installed will possibly have to make payments on the system that they didn’t install in the first place. If you are moving or selling your property in the near future, then you may want to wait to install a solar power system. Solar power systems last for decades, so you can pass yours down to your family members. 

No big moves are on the horizon: A solar power system can increase your homes value. This means that you can end up selling your home for a higher price thanks to the solar power system. 

What Questions Should you ask Yourself About the Roof?

An important question to ask yourself is if your roof is ready for solar panels. If your roof needs repairs or can’t handle a lot of weight, then repairing it should come before installing your solar power system. After all, you never want to try to install solar panels only to have your roof become more damaged by the weight because repairs were never made before installation. Some solar power providers may try to install a solar array on your roof with no regard for what condition it is in. This might be faster in terms of getting a system installed, but it will almost certainly cost you much more money in the long run. 

So what can you do about your roof? Can you still reach out to a solar consultant even if your roof might need some work? Of course you can! When IES Texas Solar works with a customer, they assess the roof through a site survey. During this process, they take photos and check for any obvious issues with the roof. This way they make sure that the roof is in solid condition before installation. You can read more about it in our article on rooftops here!

If rooftops aren’t an immediate option for you, then ground mounted solar panels could be the solution! If you have some extra space on your property, then you could use that to produce power with a ground mounted solar array. Check out our article on it!

What Questions Should you Ask Yourself About Your Property?

One question to ask yourself is if your property is currently suited for a solar array. If your roof is covered by shade most of the time, your solar panels might not work as efficiently. Ideally, trimming a few tree limbs could increase the sun exposure you need for your solar panels. You could also consider ground mounting your solar panels! This way, even if your roof isn’t ready for solar, you can still install an array in open space on your property. This could be especially beneficial if you live on a farm and want to set up your solar array to give your cattle some shade to graze in.

Have you Taken a Look at the Tax Incentives for Solar?

Another question to ask yourself is if you know what tax incentives there are for solar power. When exploring solar power energy, it’s a great idea to speak to your tax teams and professionals to get a better idea of how it will benefit your taxes. Thanks to the IRA Bill, Texans can get a tax credit of up to 30% for their solar power system! If you live on a farm and that farm operates as a business, then you can benefit from the REAP grant while also enjoying the IRA bills tax credits! Be sure to ask your solar consultants any questions you might have about net metering, tax incentives, and other benefits you might qualify for. If it doesn’t make sense to you on paper, then our team is happy to help you with anything you might be unsure of. You can also check your questions with your accounting team.

Let IES Texas Solar be your Final Quote on Your Solar Power System

We have made it our mission to be a source of truth in renewable energy. Our team believes that accurate solar and backup power education is the foundation for making the best decision when choosing a system that fits your needs.

Perhaps the biggest question to ask yourself is if you are getting the best deal and experience available. Be sure to get a quote from our experienced consultants before you make a decision! Our team can look at estimates from other solar power providers to make sure that you get the best deal and that your system is being correctly sized for your goals. IES Texas Solar’s goal is to get the perfect custom system that functions exactly the way you need it to.

Our team looks at items such as:

  • Backload miscalculations
  • Misleading information
  • Incorrect math
  • Diminishing ROI
  • Warranty issues concerning modules from companies that went out of business 
  • Warranty issues with voided warranties, old models that already have warranties, and how module warranties work
  • Poor product selections
  • Local incentives that customers don’t qualify for
  • False and misleading information on how what is offered is displayed
  • Inaccurate modeling for production analysis

IES Texas Solar has been serving Texans since 1973 and offers the best warranty in the business. The warranty that IES Texas Solar offers is one of the longest lasting in the business and it’s something they stand behind. It’s so long lasting, in fact, that it’s outlasted many other solar power providers. On top of that, our PV design engineers work with you to customize the perfect system for your needs. Everything, including what you may add to your home in the future, is taken into account in the design process. Start to finish, IES Texas Solar is the best at what they provide for their solar community.

Don’t Hold Off on Reaching Out to a Solar Consultant Today

We understand that you are still researching and understanding the full picture of how solar power systems work and can benefit you. Asking yourself these questions can help you get the best system for your needs. Our goal is to provide you with the best information possible to make the greatest informed decision for your investment. With custom-engineered solar power systems and backup power options, IES Texas Solar can create the perfect system for you. With backup power like a Generac home standby generator you can weather any storm, and backup batteries allow you to get the most out of the power you generate with your solar power system! Enjoy long-term sustainable power and savings by making the switch to solar! Start your solar journey today!

DISCLAIMER: IES Texas Solar, as well as its employees and contractors, are not financial and/or legal advisors, nor do they operate in any capacity as financial and/or legal advisors. Please consult licensed professionals for financial and legal advice.

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