Revealing This Year’s Summer Predictions, Will Texans Have Scorching Heat?

Summer weather predictions for Texans

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Date: March 7, 2023

A Texan summer is characterized by scorching heat that brings the temperature to staggering heights. The electric bills that go along with the heat also tend to go up significantly. Luckily, solar power systems help Texans decrease their bills while keeping the air conditioning running, even when there are power outages. As summer approaches, Texans all have the same question on their minds: just how darn hot is it going to get?

We’ve taken a look at the forecasts to see just what predictions have been made about the weather for summer of 2023. 

Summer Weather Predictions

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this coming summer is predicted to be hotter and drier than it normally is. The hottest periods of the summer are likely to be from June to August. 

Other sources such as forecasters with the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center predict that most of Texas has a 40 to 50% chance of experiencing temperatures that are above normal. On top of that, they also predict that most of the state will get below average precipitation, meaning less rain for Texans. 

One interesting prediction made by meteorologists with the National Weather Service is that, as a whole, 2023 will be a wetter year overall. April and May could be rainier months, which would bring down some of the heat that Texans might experience. If the La Niña conditions shift to normal conditions, then it could result in rain for Texas. You can learn more about La Niña in our article on it here!

Regardless of the source, Texan summers are always hot. That means that you are likely to see increases in your electricity bills as your air conditioning system has to work harder to maintain a cooler temperature in your home. You’ll also need to keep an eye out for power conservation warnings from ERCOT regarding the demand for electricity on the Texas power grid. A large concern that Texans have had over the last few years is how the Texas power grid will fare in extreme temperatures. And if the power grid can keep up with the weather, what about the local power companies?

Texans Remain Concerned About the Health of the Grid  

While changes have been made to keep Texans from losing power, the last year hasn’t looked very sunny in terms of outages. During this winter, thousands of Texans were still losing power during cold snaps and experiencing much higher electricity bills. Over last summer, electricity bills were also incredibly high. Luckily, there is something that you can do to keep electricity costs down, help the Texas power grid, and keep the air conditioning running!

Are Local Power Outages Different During the Summer?

While the Texas power grid has its own issues, the transmission lines that carry power have their own problems when it comes to the weather. In the case of summer weather in Texas, transmission lines are vulnerable to higher heat and are less efficient in extremely hot weather. 

Transmission lines have a limited capacity when it comes to electricity. When power is transmitted through these lines, they heat up. This, paired up with the sweltering Texas heat, causes the metal conductor in the wires to expand, resulting in a drooping line. If a drooping line goes too low and hits something, then it can result in a short circuit. The line will then no longer be able to transmit electricity. What happens then? The other lines make up for the downed line and transmit more power. This results in more power in the line, meaning more heat and therefore more expanding and drooping lines. Ultimately, power loss occurs in residential areas that need this electricity.

This is all to say that, even though the Texas power grid has been putting plans in place, areas are still experiencing power loss due to other parts of the system. Transmission lines are a crucial part of the electrical infrastructure that Texas uses, but they are vulnerable to weather conditions. 

IES Texas Solar Can Help Texans Design Your Own Backup Plan For Summer Weather!  

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