5 Amazing Benefits of Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Commercial solar panel installation can save your business both energy and money. Click here to learn about the benefits of solar power for your company.

If you own a small business, would you like to cut your energy costs by up to 75%? The answer is solar panel installation. 

Solar panel installation or upgrade can make a difference to your business’s bottom line. But there are many other great benefits from making the switch to solar! 

Intrigued? Let’s take a look at 5 amazing benefits of commercial solar panel installation.

1. Save Money

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit of solar panel installation. Small businesses in the US spend over $60 billion a year on energy. With costs of utilities continuing to rise, it’s a no-brainer to invest in cheaper energy.

It’s true that there will be either an upfront cost or repayments to make. But once you have paid for the panels, you will save money each month. You will reduce your reliance on commercial energy. 

2. Going Green

Every business these days is looking to boost its green credentials. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s also popular with customers. Customers are even willing to pay more at times for services from green companies. 

3. Predictable Costs

Businesses always like predictable costs.

However, in these uncertain times, there are very few to be found. Recently, many businesses are getting stung by higher energy costs. This is right when other pressures are impacting their bottom line.

If you’d like to be better able to predict your energy costs, then going green is the solution. Your business will be less badly affected by fluctuations in energy costs. 

Solar panel installation gives you access to free energy, and it’s reliable. One thing you can always rely on in Texas is the sun!

4. Tax Credits

The federal government is currently running a scheme called the solar investment tax credit (ITC). This allows businesses to claim a tax credit on federal corporate income taxes for a percentage of the cost of solar panel installation.

This makes commercial solar power an even more attractive option for businesses. But the time to act is now. Although Congress has extended the scheme, the percentage you can claim will diminish each year. 

Other state grants and financing options are open to a range of businesses. Talk to your solar panel installation company about opens open to you.

5. Reliable Energy

If your business mainly operates during daytime hours, you could get your office solar power for free. The Texas climate lends itself to reliable solar power.

You can save on energy bills even further if you add solar batteries. They can store energy to use at times when the sun doesn’t shine.

Arrange Your Solar Panel Installation Today!

Solar panel installation will bring nothing but benefits to your company. Lower your costs by going green and give yourself a marketing boost at the same time! You will also protect yourself from future energy price rises.

At IES Texas Solar, we’re here to make it a reality. Fill out our contact request form, and we’ll be in touch about options for your business.