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IES Texas Solar Customer Testimonies

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Date: February 23, 2023

We sing the praises of solar powered energy in all of our articles, but this time we thought it would be a good idea to let our solar community have their voices heard. In this article, we shine our solar-powered spotlight on a few customers who switched to solar and/or had backup power installed.

Backup Generator Installation with Greg Radabaugh

Gregory Radabaugh talks about how IES really shined during the installation

Gregory Radabaugh was thrilled by the professionalism and care that IES Texas Solar is known for. Greg asked his home builder who he should go with when it came to installing a generator. “IES. Go talk to them” was what he was told and he wasn’t disappointed. “It’s a group that when you talk to them individually you understand that every one of them is really knowledgeable and super professional and they know their stuff.” Check out the video with Greg!

A Bullet Proof Solar Power Energy System with Roy Gorton

Roy experienced what it was like to go a long time without power when he needed it. This led him to installing the bullet proof system he has today.

Roy Gorton lost power for 3 whole weeks in his last home. After getting in touch with IES Texas Solar, the experts worked with him to get the solar power energy system that he enjoys today. With backup batteries, a home standby generator, and (of course) plenty of solar panels, Roy can now keep his power running no matter what comes his way. “Everything has just been like clockwork. No issues.”

Generators and Lessons Learned with Charles Courtney

“I will never live without a generator ever again.” After going through Hurricane Katrina, Charles Courtney understands how important backup power is.

Charles Courtney moved to Texas from South Mississippi where he endured Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Now that Charles has installed a Generac home standby generator, he is able to keep his power on for weeks at a time. Take a listen to what he has to say!

Seamless Work With Backup Batteries and a Generator

Winter storms are a hot topic in Texas, especially where IES Texas Solar is concerned. One of our customers experienced a power outage during the last cold snap this year. The good news? Their backup batteries and generator worked flawlessly. “The transition to no grid was seamless. The batteries and generator functioned as designed.” Check out the testimony in the video!

Increased Ability to Sell Homes With Backup Power

One of the biggest factors that helped Bill Wiehl sell his home in a competitive market was the fact that his home already had solar panels and a home standby generator.

The housing market can be tough these days, but having a solar power system can really give you the edge on the competition. Bill Wiehl found that it was easier to sell his house thanks to installing solar panels and a home standby generator. “It never dawned on me these purchases would have been significant factors to selling my house”. The home buyer had gone through 44 hours (close to two full days) without power during the last winter storm and was happy to get a new home that has backup power. To top it all off, a solar power system increases the value of homes that have them, allowing you to get even more out of selling them.

Sounds Like Solar Power Energy is a Sunny Situation! Ready to Reach Out?

These are just a few of the many customers across Texas who have benefited from switching to solar power energy! IES Texas Solar can design the perfect system for you! Whether you want a Generac Home standby Generator like Charles Courtney’s that will last for weeks or a completely bulletproof system like Roy Gorton, IES Texas Solar can make it happen.

We have made it our mission to be a source of truth in renewable energy. Our team believes that accurate solar and backup power education is the foundation for making the best decision when choosing a system that fits your needs.

If you are considering installing a backup generator or switching to solar for your home or business, reach out to us by going to our website,, or by giving us a call at (855) 447-6527.

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