CPS Energy Rebates and Solar Power

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If you’re like most Texans, then you’ve been dealing with the high heat from this past summer in addition to the high electric bills that came with it. Now that fall and winter are just around the corner, temperatures are bound to drop. Though the heat may be dropping soon, surging electricity rates associated with higher prices for natural gas and costs for maintaining the grid will remain. While the eventual drop in temperature might not mean that your pricey electric bills are going away anytime soon, it also doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it if you live in the San Antonio area. 

Installing a Solar Powered System is the perfect way to take control of your energy bills and sometimes even eliminate them all together. In addition to the newly increased tax incentives thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act that was put into effect earlier this year, potential solar owners now have another incentive to switch to solar in the San Antonio area. 

CPS Energy’s solar rebates

The power provider CPS Energy in the San Antonio area is offering their customers a solar energy rebate for anyone who completes the solar rebate application and submits it before December 16th, 2022. In order to do so, CPS Energy customers must include the following:

  • List:
  • A fully-executed CPS Energy Disclosure Form
  • A fully-executed sales contract
  • Completed and stamped designs
  • Completed DG application

CPS Energy customers also don’t need to have their system installed before December 16th, 2022. This means that customers who are planning to get CPS Energy’s solar rebates can submit their application and have their Solar Powered System installed afterwards. 

When making the choice to switch to solar, Texans often wonder about the cost of the installation. Many Texans are exploring the idea of sustainable energy alternatives like solar energy for personal reasons such as reducing carbon footprints, reducing the burden on the grid by reducing their energy consumption, and having control over their energy bills. There are many different ways to easily afford a Solar Powered System, and the CPS solar energy rebates offer one more incentive to the already impressive list of financial benefits granted by going solar. 

CPS solar rebate benefits

Here’s a quick breakdown of the rebates you can receive with CPS Energy:

  • Rebates:
  • Residential projects earn $2500 per project and receive a $500for projects that use local manufactures.
  • Commercial projects earn $0.60 per AC Watt for their first 25kW, and $0.40 per AC Watt for kW over 25. Projects using local modules also earn $0.10 per AC Watt.

The solar energy rebates offered by CPS Energy increase the amount that you get back by switching to solar. There are a couple of things to keep in mind regarding these rebates.

1. Rebate applications must be submitted in the CPS Energy solar portal on their website before December 16th, 2022. After this date has passed, the current solar program with CPS Energy expires, meaning that you will no longer be able to apply for these benefits.

2. Rebates are capped at 50% of the project cost.

How do these rebates benefit me?

When you install a Solar Powered System for your home or business, you already have several things that make it a more worthwhile financial investment.

  • Federal Tax Credits

The Inflation Reduction Act increased the percentage you are able to get with your taxes from 26% to 30%, and that percentage will be the same until 2032, where it will go back down to 26%. 

  • Financial plans

IES Texas Solar offers a wide range of financial plans to suit the needs of anyone looking to install a Solar Powered System that is tailored to your needs.

  • Stable, reliable energy

You gain stable, reliable energy that can keep your home or business running even if another winter storm or power outage occurs.

  • Reduced (or eliminated) electric bills

Finally, installing a Solar Powered System gives you the ability to drastically reduce or even completely eliminate your electricity bills! 

When you combine these benefits with the money you get back through CPS Energy solar rebates, making the switch to a Solar Powered System becomes more affordable than ever.  

Don’t miss out on CPS energy rebates

You can keep from missing out on CPS solar energy rebates by reaching out to IES Texas Solar. Gain reliable energy from the best solar energy solutions company in the lone star state. IES Texas Solar offers backup batteries and Generac® generators that can keep the power on during an outage and help reduce your electric bills. When it comes to securing your own power for your own needs this fall and the approaching winter, IES Texas Solar is the company you can trust to keep you comfortable and your energy bills low.

 IES Texas Solar is here to assist you in navigating the CPS Energy solar rebate program, and will be with you every step of the way!        

If your home or business is considering switching to solar, reach out to us by going to our website,, or giving us a call at (855) 447-6527.

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