What Direction Should my Solar Panels Face?

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January 17, 2023

While the title might seem like a simple question, it’s definitely one that gets asked a lot. Do your solar panels have to face any specific direction? Is one direction better than another? If so, why? While Texas gets sunshine nearly all year long, getting the most out of your solar powered system’s panels goes a very long way towards your energy goals. In this article, we’re going to explore the reasoning behind why the direction your solar panels face matters as well as what goes into determining this for your panels once they get installed.

What’s the Deal With Directions When it Comes to Solar Panels?

It’s already a given that you want the biggest amount of direct sunlight to hit your panels. Let’s go over some quick geography to set the stage. Texas lies in the northern hemisphere of the planet. This means that the sun will always be in the southern sky. Your solar panels will be installed in order to always face this direction because it’s where the sun travels across the sky from where we are on the planet. This way, your panels will get the largest amount of direct sunlight. In short, solar panels installed in the northern hemisphere face south because that’s where the sun is in the sky most of the time for Texans. 

The bottom line? In Texas the south is the undisputed king of the overall direction for your panels to face. Having your solar panels face the south is the best way to expose them to direct sunlight. 

Can I Still Install Solar Panels on my Roof if it Doesn’t Face the South Sky?

Absolutely! Even if your roof doesn’t have any southward facing space, you can still enjoy incredible benefits from installing a solar powered system. As we’ve mentioned before, Texas gets tons of sunshine all year long. Depending on the direction your roof is facing, you may even get more out of your solar powered system during times of the day when energy prices peak. 

Let’s say you have solar panels that face the west. During the time of the day when the sun is beginning to go down, people tend to be coming home from work or school. This means they are using more power in their homes to do things like cook dinner, crank up the AC or heater, or use electronics to unwind. 

No matter which direction your panels will end up facing, installing a solar powered system is still the best choice you can make for your electrical needs. IES Texas Solar uses a team of highly experienced solar consultants and PV design engineers to design your system in a way that gets you exactly what you need in terms of solar power for your home. When a solar consultant and PV design engineer work with you to design your solar powered system, they will make sure that you are able to position your panels in a way that generates the most power. 

One of the big things about Texas is that it constantly gets sunshine. No matter what direction your roof faces, you can still install an incredibly effective solar powered system for your home. Even if, for whatever reason, you aren’t able to install a large amount of solar panels on your roof, there are several other ways you can go solar. Have some extra space on your property? You could ground-mount a solar array to still get all of the benefits of a solar powered system.    

Turn your power in the right direction with IES Texas Solar

Making the switch to a solar powered system is one of the best investments you can make for your home or business. By going solar, you gain energy stability, long-term sustainability, and it helps keep the grid functioning by reducing dependence on it. Installing a solar powered system can also significantly reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills! When you pair that up with backup batteries and a home standby generator, you achieve energy independence that you can enjoy for years to come!

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