What Happens if the Texas Power Grid Goes Down?

Texas Power Grid goes down

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Updated on: January 24, 2023

Chances are that you, like many Texans, are concerned with the health of the Texas Power Grid. Over the last few years, winter storms have caused hundreds of thousands of Texans to experience power outages for several days or more. Now more Texans are installing solar powered systems, backup batteries, and Generac® home standby generators than ever before. This keeps Texans from relying on the Texas power grid while establishing their own energy independence. When the power goes out, they can use their own solar powered system as a microgrid.

Even with solar energy in mind, what exactly happens whenever the Texas power grid goes down? Can you rely just on your solar panels for power? Who can you turn to when it comes to backup power? 

What Causes Power Outages in the First Place?

Power outages can be caused by many things. In most cases, the weather is the big culprit. In cases of extreme heat or cold, more Texans have to rely on their heating and air conditioning systems. The temperatures that Texans need to stay warm or cool becomes more energy intensive depending on how severe the weather is. 

If, for example, the weather is extremely cold, it takes more electricity to keep your home at a cozy temperature. Your heating system simply has to work harder to maintain that temperature than it would if it were warmer. This energy usage increases strain on the ERCOT Texas power grid. That, combined with the millions of Texans that need to stay warm, places more demand on the Texas power grid can handle. Once the Texas power grid can’t handle the strain placed on it, power outages occur.  

What Happens if You Only Have Solar Panels?

Now for the sunny elephant in the room. What would happen during a power outage if you only had solar panels? Solar panels alone will not power your home in the event that you lose power. You will still be able to power your home as long as you have backup batteries or a home standby generator.

If you don’t have backup batteries or a Generac® home standby generator, then you won’t be able to power your home. Luckily, there is an easy solution to this.

The best way to actually use solar power to run your home or business during a power outage is to install backup batteries. When you pair solar panels with backup batteries, you make a long-term investment that gives you energy independence and  stability. Your solar panels generate electricity during the day while the sun is out (even if the weather is rainy, snowy, or overcast) and the excess electricity that your home isn’t using gets stored in a backup battery. At night when there is no sunlight, your home can be powered by your backup batteries. This can give you the ability to power your home when the Texas power grid fails.

On top of all this, the more Texans rely on solar powered systems, the smaller the strain on the power grid becomes. When you establish long-term, sustainable energy for yourself by going solar, it frees up power for other Texans who have yet to install a solar powered system. Not only are you helping the environment, you are helping your fellow Texans too! 

If you want to establish complete energy independence, stability during outages, and have sustainable energy, installing a home standby generator is another solution. Generac® home standby generators can keep your home running for a few days or a few weeks depending on your needs. Backup generators are described by our PV design engineers as a tried-and-true technology that just can’t be beat in terms of reliability. Need some proof? Check out what customers are saying about them!

The bottom line? You can keep your home running as long as you have backup batteries and/or a backup generator if there is no power. If you want to keep power outages from being a concern for you and your family or business, then installing a solar powered system with backup batteries and a home standby generator is the best way to go.    

IES Texas Solar Offers Backup Power While Others Don’t

When it comes to full-energy independence and backup power needs, IES Texas Solar covers it all. Why is this such a great thing? It’s because many solar companies don’t offer backup power at all. More often than not, companies that offer solar powered systems will only install solar panels. 

In fact, some solar power providers in the past have installed a solar powered system only to go out of business or simply won’t deal with the customers calls when something goes wrong. Not only does IES Texas Solar offer the best backup power solutions and solar technology on the market, they have the longest lasting warranty in the business. As IES PV Design Engineer Kevin Marceski told us in an interview “This is a 20-year relationship. We’re not just selling you something and running away or closing shop afterwards”.  

The Grid Might Fail, But IES Texas Solar Won’t 

While the grid may not always be reliable, IES Texas Solar is a company you can depend on whenever you need them. Getting long-term energy stability that helps the power grid and gives you energy independence has never been easier! With a Generac® homestandy generator, you can weather any power outage. You can also install a solar powered system with backup batteries to enjoy energy independence, reduce strain on the Texas power grid, and even sell your extra energy back to your utility company with solar buyback!    

If you are considering installing a backup generator or switching to solar for your home or business, reach out to us by going to our website,, or by giving us a call at (855) 447-6527.

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